Tessa Cunningham

Broadway Ballroom professional instructor specializing in West Coast Swing

Tessa has a natural kinesthetic ability and musical sense which she used in her youth through sports and music. She has 2 Bachelors degrees: one in Human Kinetics which gives her a deep technical understanding of body movement, and one in Education which enables her to breakdown and explain those movements to learners.

Partnered with Myles Munroe, she has achieved the distinction of becoming Canada's West Coast Swing Champions. Both love the spotlight and live to perform. They are passionate about dance (Swing in particular), improving and progressing their own dancing, and about sharing their gifts and expertise with eager spectators and learners.

Tessa was born in Vancouver and raised in the suburb of Coquitlam. After a lifetime of competitive swimming and music, she attended UBC to acheive her Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree. Her dad took up ballroom dancing and she would hang out at the parties and try to follow along. She learned how to follow even before she learned how to dance. Upon graduation, she was looking for a new hobby and found 2Can Dance Company. She spent 1 year learning the basics of all the partner dances under local instructor Ian Kirkconnell. When Ian discovered the West Coast Swing phenomenon, he convinced her to attend her first swing event, Seattle Easter Swing where she fell in love at first sight with the dance.

Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham are Canada's West Coast Swing Champions, ranked in the top 5 in the world. Myles 19 years of diverse dance training includes 6 UCWDC World Championship titles. Tessa brings academic expertise to the partnership, with university degrees in both Human Kinetics and Education. As performers, they are known for their cutting-edge artistic choreography, positive youthful energy, and enviable musical expression. Their extensive teacher training and experience and loveable delivery of correct foundational technique inspires and empowers students of all levels. They are ambassadors for modern, authentic West Coast Swing: teaching, judging, performing and competing all over the world.

Website: www.canadianswingchampions.com

Phone: 604-818-2212


Tessa Cunningham and her partner Myles Munroe are Canadian West Coast Swing Champions and professional instructors at Broadway Ballroom, specializing in West Coast Swing.

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